Wall of Dale

Last week Dale had another cancer check up that was successful. Blood levels are fine, platelets a bit low, but okay. It is always nice to verify hopes of continued remission. On a day to day note, his discomforts may stem from other health issues or effects of chemotherapy, (we don't know) however, he continues to find joy in life.

He had his formal retirement from his civilian government position a few days before the cancer check up appointment. Although it happened to be on the same day the government closed down, about 100 people showed up to the retirement ceremony. As we entered the base, he was saluted, bringing a smile to me, and wonderment to his grandchildren as they followed us inside the entrance gates. It was a great experience and he was honored well. We now have a "Wall of Dale" displaying his recognitions in military and civilian service. Pretty astonishing. The commander gave a special salute to him, impressing the grandchildren in attendance.

Two years ago, we did not know if he would make it this far. He did, thanks to all who helped us both. We appreciate everyone in attendance and their continued friendships. I looked at the audience, and thought to myself, "These are the community members that have sustained MyDale for many years. Oh dear....now it is up to me!"

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