I just wanted to post a little update with some very good news that I got from my bone marrow biopsy...it is CLEAR! No bone marrow involvement, which is great news! If there had been, this would have changed my staging and treatment plan, likely prolonging it. 

Other than that, everything else is pretty much the same as last post. Major fatigue, weakness, and soreness. Slightly new side effects like my teeth and gums are very sensitive and tender. I have had to switch from my electric toothbrush to a soft bristle toothbrush, and am using Sensodyne toothpaste. Also, I have had some horrible pain in my neck and shoulder, which can be a side effect of chemo. My appetite has been a little different. I will crave something that I would normally want, and then when I go to eat it, I find it undesirable. Weird. But for the most part, I have not had a major change in appetite. I have been trying to eat/drink a ton more protein then I normally would, since I was told that it is very important to load up on protein during chemo. 

My hair is still here...I have read and heard so many times that the hair loss part represents the chemo actually working and doing it's job...killing cells. So now I am really looking forward to seeing some fall out...who would have thought?! I have read that it will take a few weeks from the first treatment.

And the sensitive, irritated skin issue I was having last week, I have seemed to resolve (for the most part) with Aveeno products! They work great! I have used the Aveeno soothing bath treatment (oatmeal), and the daily moisturizing lotion. For my face, my sister hooked me up with some awesome Image Skincare products! I have been using their Ormedic line, since it is all organic ingredients...it seems to make a difference in my skin and the way it looks, which is great. My next chemo is already next week (March 31st)...a little nervous about this second one, but all I can do is try and prepare the best I can for it. 

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