Tired news brings good news

Being tired gets old quickly. Dale gets up every day, very early, heads off to work (about a 45 minute drive in the early morning hours) works a 9 hour day, and returns with at least an hour drive home in the afternoon. That, in itself, makes any one tired, however, one in remission of mantle cell lymphoma, it is remarkable. He typically comes home, slightly hungry, exhausted, and ready to unwind and be done with the day. It is very common for Dale to retire by 6:30 or 7:30. This means his need for physical recovery is greater than previously. We know he has aged quickly this past year and I am sure that plays into his fatigue.

The good news: because Dale retires so early and I need it quiet to study, I do. I read, think, write, analyze, outline, re-read, edit, and research a couple hours frequently now. I just may get this proposal done this summer.

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