Time flies when you're havin' fun!

Hello to all who are still reading this! I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have posted an update. Time really does go by so quickly, especially when life is busy. So much has happened since my last post...

For starters, I got into nursing school! I just successfully completed my first semester, so am 25% done. It has been so amazing. I am really enjoying every moment of it, even the times when it is stressful and busy. It is definitely my "calling." For those who do not know, I switched to nursing from pharmacy because after my experience with cancer I would like to work as an oncology nurse someday. That would be my ultimate dream. I have been an oncology patient, so feel like I can give so much back to others in the same situation that I was in

Did I mention that school is 2 hours from where I was living? So I have also moved since my last post. It was hard in the beginning to be away from my family and friends, but I am just loving being on my own (well with my cat too). I see my family as often as I can, and have adjusted to living away quite well. I love my new bachelorette pad, and have met such amazing people where I am now living.

And the BEST, most fantastic news and update of all, is that I just had my 2 year scan the other day and I am still cancer-free! I feel that I am somewhat in the safe zone now, since the chance of relapse is highest in the first 2 years. My chance of relapsing now is a lot less. BIG relief.  

Thank you to those who are still reading this. I hope that if you are somebody who is newly diagnosed and have come across my blog, that it will bring you comfort to know that not only does life go back to normal...but it gets even BETTER! I would have never imagined that I would be where I am today when I was first told of my diagnosis. Things have an interesting way of working out for the best. I can honestly say that I would not change any part of this whole experience.

Some recent pics. :) 

p.s.) I finally feel like my hair is really growing fast! It has come back much thicker and healthier than before

Me and my friend Ale. Pumpkin patch fun. 

And I had to add one of my cat Finn, enjoying our cozy new home!

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