Three more weeks of misery

Several days of weakness, coughing, vomits, and diarrhea do not make fun times. Dale continues to make it through a day, but is quite weak and in pain. The virus bumps on his shins and ankles have spread throughout his feet and cause pain. The one on his elbow ( I should have taken a picture-it was pretty ugly) is doing better. The bruising is yellowing and healing, but sore. This is a strange virus. The bumps are soft, hot, and painful. Dale's comfort level is low and he is too weak to do much at all.

Sunday was a good day. He was upright, dressed, downstairs, and conversed in sound conversations for several hours of the day. We felt he was doing better, however, Monday came.

He took himself to the doctor's for checkup. He was out and about for perhaps two hours, came home exhausted, and had to rest/sleep the rest of the day.

Hopefully, he is mostly done with this virus. Its been about 5 weeks of the said 6-8 weeks of healing. I suspect three more weeks of misery.

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