They call me Doctor

Dale has good days and not so good days. Yesterday was not a good day. His timing is usually bad for my world. I was ready to drive the two hours on my own so I could defend my dissertation today without him. Kind of a big deal for me and he had a lousy day that could have prevented him coming.   Sometimes I feel that he carries the worries of life within his health conditions and sabotages my progress. Probably not true, but seems that way sometimes...

He did well today with health conditions and we enjoyed the analytical discussion of the dissertation. About three clarifying paragraphs and its done.

They call me Doctor.

Well done, in spite of all the distractions Dale has given me over the past several years.

It was a memorable experience. The study brought some passionate self-reflections from each of the committee members. Exactly what it was supposed to do. They did not ask question about my methods or research, they commented on their experiences, practices, and beliefs and its impact on others.

Good Job!

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