The waiting game.

Last Thursday we met with Dr. Kelsey in Radiation Oncology at Duke.  The purpose was to discuss the options for radiation treatment of that remaining persistent node in my abdomen.  The good news was that Lymphoma is highly responsive to radiation and he sees no obstacles to being able to treat Mr. Persistent.  The bad news was that it could involve up to 4 or 5 weeks of treatment, 5 days per week.  I had been thinking more in the range of 2 or 3 weeks so that was a bit of a shocker.  But the final period has yet to be finalized.

Then on Friday we headed back to Duke for a CT-Guided Needle Biopsy of Mr. Persistent.  The procedure went far more smoothly than I had anticipated.  There are times when you want and need to be well read and well informed on various aspects of your treatment.  This, however, was one of those instances where I felt that knowing less was probably more advisable.  Sometimes ignorance is bliss.  But I was still not looking forward to Friday morning.  Much to my surprise and delight everything went well and they wound up taking 9 samples for further study.

The pathology report on the biopsy will probably not be available until next Tuesday.  At that point Drs. Beaven, Horwitz and Kelsy (the wizards as I call them) will collectively review the results and develop a plan of treatment, most likely involving some level of radiation and then proceeding on to stem cell (bone marrow) transplant.  Whatever the result of their review, it will undoubtedly take place over the next 4 or 5 months and have a profound impact on our daily lives during that period.  We are prepared for whatever lies ahead and know that, with God's help, and the support of family and friends, we will get through this just fine.  Our family motto "We're going to beat this" is still in place and this is just another phase towards that end.

Still, the next several days, until we know more details from the wizards, will be long and filled with much anticipation.

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