Surprises that aren't really surprises

Dale has done relatively well and then, perhaps, it just seems that his bad health is normal. He is constantly plagued with diarrhea which precludes him doing much outside of the home. We carefully plan outings around when he eats and where bathrooms are located.  He has a quick exit bench week at church and knows where bathrooms are anywhere we go. Many times, as soon as we get home, Dale makes his way to the bathroom, just is time.  When he has a day of his situations, it exhausts him physically and emotionally. Fortunately, for both of us, he cleans up the bathrooms of the situations and does his own laundry--sometimes two or three times in a day. This behavior normally goes on for one to two days and then he is okay for three or four days.

This week it worsened. Vomiting added to several situations, laundry loads, and bathroom cleanups made it more complicated. Plus, this behavior continued four days with no relief in sight. Nothing would stay in one end or the other. He thought he may have C. Diff. (Clostridium Difficile Colitis)  which he had many times during the cancer year. After a visit to the ER, it was determined that it may be a good idea to keep him at hospital for more testing as he was clearly dehydrated and fatigued.

One night has turned into two nights/days so far. Tests determined it is not C. Diff.  Another test of the specimens are being completed now which takes time. Those results demanded one more night at hospital. I was with Dale for several hours today. Every hour there was another bout of diarrhea even though he had eaten very little. As he ate dinner, the nausea took over, he vomited and was in the bathroom within a few minutes. His innards gurgle and sputter. He is weak and discouraged.

It was not a surprise when it was determined he needed to stay for more tests, more observations, more data on his condition. It was not a surprise that it is not as simple as C. Diff. could have been. Dale has reported his diarrhea condition to each doctor he goes to. Each has given a pill to help. It hasn't. He has an appointment with his internist this week who was beginning to look a bit deeper into his condition. There will be plenty of new data for him now.

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