Supporting always

Either high stress, depression, or cancer has caused Dale's ailments in the past several weeks. All probably contribute. Work (just another couple of months until retirement) causes much of the stress, however, he goes faithfully each day whether or not he feels well enough to go. Depression, another one of those ongoing conditions that I am clueless about, although Dale has plenty of reasons to be depressed. The thing is, though, there are plenty of reason not to be depressed! Another year of life granted. Retirement really almost there. In fact, having a job/career is a blessing in itself now-a-day. Because of his fragile health, mental state, and short-timer life condition, I say a lot of "Okay." "What can I do for you?" "Are you comfortable?"  "Do you need anything?" I add some, "I love you" too.

And then there is the cancer thing. His symptoms was simply tiredness before diagnosis. He still is, but add in the consistent diarrhea, and new to the list is vomiting a few times a day. He does not report fevers, blood pressure is okay, and he seems to make it through each day, except he needs lots and lots of rest. His day ends about 5:30 PM if not earlier. He gets up at 3:30 AM, which will come to an end in just a few months! We are making slow progress on some of the things in the Bucket List and adjustments to other lists.

I feel pretty helpless right now, because it could be cancer, but it could be stress and depression. I have decided, it does not matter. He needs support and he needs lots of it. That would be me.

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