Sun and fun.

We spent this past weekend down on the coast at Ocean Isle with some friends.  We have attended the annual Oyster Festival there for several years and it is always such great fun (and I don't even like oysters).  That makes our third trip to the beach this summer.  Considering that I started my chemotherapy treatments on June 20, and have had 16 infusions so far, I think being able to make 3 trips to the beach along with several others to visit the kids and grand kids (4 hours each way) is pretty darn good for an old dog with cancer.  The Lord has blessed me in so many ways and enabled me to stay active and busy.  What a mighty God we serve.

Back when I was first starting treatments, daughter Jill said she was picturing the chemo like lots of little pacman heads running around gobbling up those cancer cells.  And that must be just about the way it worked, since my interim test results a few weeks ago were just excellent.  The main object now is that one, large, more persistent lymph node in my abdomen, and I am picturing those same pacman heads crowded around that one node and munching away, sort of like ants gathered around a piece of food dropped on the ground.

Won't you join me in a little mental imagery?

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