School's Out

6/22/16 – WOW… it’s like I am a school kid starting summer break. I met with Dr. Goy today with the expectation that I would be starting PD-1 (Opdivo) today. We started with reviewing the results of my PET scan (yes, I had a PET on 6/20 in preparation for beginning PD-1). Dr. Goy happily reported that all was clear. He then said “you have been through a lot and now you are doing so well. I think you deserve a break.” He then proceeded to tell me that he wasn’t going to start me on PD-1 today. He wrote a script for another PET scan in 6 months… at that point we will see how I am doing.
In truth,  I am a little relieved. If my scans are clear and I am doing well, why introduce a new drug when we are unsure on how I would respond to it. I would rather take a break and enjoy my good health. So, I am really happy with this decision.
My next PET scan is scheduled for December 19th. I also have a bone marrow biopsy schedule for September. This is to follow up on the MDS… but I am not even thinking about that at this point. I have an entire summer in front of me to enjoy.
In celebration of my good news and time off, here is a link to the Rock N Roll classic “School's Out” by Alice Cooper. Enjoy!!!
Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you.Psalm 116:7
More to come…

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