SCANic Attack

I have my first PET Scan tomorrow since starting chemo, and I am freaking out a little bit. It seems that most people have a scan at their halfway point with chemo to check their progress and make sure that they are responding well to chemo, but for some reason my Doctor didn't think one would be necessary, so this will be my first since finishing all of my 8 chemo treatments. I have been a little more on edge lately, and my mind only seems to be thinking about those scan results. I constantly play out different scenarios in my head of my Doctor saying that the chemo didn't work, or saying that it did work but I need more because the tumor is still partially there, or everything is clear (which is what I'm hoping for). I am hoping that in the future when I get scanned I am less of a stress case. I've been told that with each clear scan, they get a little easier. But as you can imagine, I am just completely anxious because I have done all of that chemo, and really have no idea whether it worked or not. I know I ask for a lot of good thoughts and prayers, but please send them my way once again for clear PET Scan results! Thank you so much! 

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