Saying Goodbye

Tomorrow we fly to Los Angeles, California, to say goodbye to my friend, Steve. Comprehending and accepting his death has been extremely difficult for me. I feel that being there with others who loved him celebrating his life will be the best way to find some peace and allow myself to better let go of the anger and the pain knowing that I was able to honor him and thank him for the friendship he gave me.
Craig is coming with me in strong support, and we both want to be there for Steve’s wife, Jen, who has always been there for us from across the miles in the most difficult of times. This time is undoubtedly beyond painful for her. I am eager to learn more about Steve’s life pre-cancer and to meet the friends and family that also loved him.
Part of his day of honor will include his favorite drinks and watching the Eagle’s football game, so I'm expecting laughs and good memories amid the sad parts. They’re calling it a celebration of his life; I look forward to being able to do just that. My life was changed for the better because of him, and I want to honor his life and the path we walked together living with this disease.
I know it will be hard; I can’t help but project my own fate, but I know that it will also be cleansing and inspiring. I just have to be there. I am following my heart on this one. 

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