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Dr. Beaven called again Friday morning to advise that she had talked with Drs. Horwitz and Kelsy, and they have agreed on a course of treatment.  It is different than what had been discussed just the day before, but that was before the 'wizards' had been able to confer with each other.  The plan is to proceed to bone marrow transplant now, and followup with radiation on the persistent node in my abdomen as soon as possible after the transplant is complete.  So off we go.

Exact timing is still uncertain, but I have an appointment with Dr. Horwitz on Thursday, 1/31, to discuss transplant details and have several tests, including breathing, EKG, etc.  The transplant should begin shortly thereafter.  So it looks like Holly and I will be spending February in Durham, living in an apartment very near the hospital and transplant clinic.  We will have a lot of details to take care of in the next couple of weeks, so the time will probably pass quickly.  The specific timing and sequence of events will become clearer over the coming days, but we have enough to run with in the meantime.

One thing that we do know for sure in that the Lord will be with us every step of the way.  He has demonstrated His might presence in so many ways during the first phase of my treatment, spread over the last 7 months.  And if there is one thing that I know for sure, it is that His spirit will be within me, and all around me, every moment of every day.  That knowledge is a great source of comfort during a time of uncertainty and anxiety, but that knowledge is also the source of my strength and confidence.

I will post additional information as it becomes available, so keep checking back and staying in touch.

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