Rest is best

Antibiotics have one more day to magically work. Then what? Dale's red eyes turned pink for the weekend, and are slightly whiter today. Weakness, shortness in breath, loss of appetite. Loss of hope. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Coughing has its intensive moments, but a calm from coughing is increasing. Diarrhea is back. I believe he needs a weekly follow up with primary care physician for several weeks at least. Next one is Wednesday. Lumps on arms and legs are increasing, which I believe is a cancer--a foreign object out of control. Maybe not cancerous, but a cancer, nevertheless.

Dale is doing all he can to maintain through a day. Rest is best.

Bad news today of a good friend's wife. Her cancer has come back after about 10 years of remission. Radiation and chemo, and fast. My heart sank when I heard about it this morning :( They have a young family who need both Mom and Dad.  Cancer is cruel.

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