Released With Good News

6/12/15 – I’m back home again. I was released on Thursday, June 11th at around 8:00PM. This seemed to make sense being I had not run a fever since I was admitted. Sure my doctors want to know the source of the fever but it really doesn’t make much sense to keep me in the hospital when all the tests have come back negative. This includes a piece of good news. I tested negative for para-influenza. This means that my immune system fought off something that any typical adult immune system would be expected to do.
I also learned of more good news. The CT scans revealed that my tumors (nodes) have significantly reduced in size. This was awesome to hear. It is great to know that all I am going through is producing positive results.
I am looking forward to build this positive momentum as I get ready to begin my 3rdcycle.
Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.Psalm 37:5
More to come…

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