Receiving the Gift

Although Dale's last few days have been miserable, I feel spiritually fed and uplifted.  One night he was rechting from one end with horrible diarrhea from the other all at the same time. Miserable, miserable.  Unfortunately, I have become accustomed to his nightly routine of sickening sounds and constant night bathroom walk-abouts. But that night was unusually miserably miserable. I got up and readied for a day of work, checked on him one more time before leaving for the day, and found that he was white, fragile, and scared. I stayed home with him, transported him to one of his doctor's appointments, and moved into the care-taker mode again. His needs and fears are great and reasonably so.

Dale's fragile whole body health waivers more so in the winter. Today is the winter solstice which means it is the last of the long nights. That is good. A neighbor suggested that Dale should get his lawn mower/snow blower out (no snow in the valley this year) because he seems to feel better when he can mow the lawn/clear the walks. We chuckled, but there is some truth to that. Dale's need of nature is mostly manifested in the Spring outdoors cleanups and summer yard work. He loves a well groomed and colorful yard. I am blessed with a comfort in knowing nature takes care of us as we take care of it.

Another neighbor gifted about 40 friends with a Christmas dinner in her home. Her husband passed away a few months again, yet she gifted each of us with love, friendship, and the gift of the Light of Christ in this Christmas season. Dale was not present, however, the love and concern for his well being was deeply felt by me. I felt blessed to be among such caring neighbors.

Saturday, we spent a few hours at one of Dale's son's home with the grandchildren. Dale was able to maintain well enough to enjoy those great children. What a delight! These moments with grandchildren are cherished. I feel blessed in playing legos, reading letters, and admiring coloring skills with one, giggling with his sister while playing catch with her life-size doll, and teasing the little one with his big car.

Today, Sunday, I attended church without Dale. He feels better, but that is a relative statement. Better than Friday, not as good as Saturday, worse than Thursday, and not comfortable enough to be around many people (germs), wearing Sunday best (sitting a long ways away from a bathroom), and too weak (still white in color) to sit for a period of time. I had not been able to practice with the choir, however, was involuntarily volunteered to sing with them in today's production. I feel blessed for that experience of singing praises among choir members (and angels who sang with us) and thus, feeling filled with the love of the season with those who shared musical testimonies of Christmas Joy.

Later, I was asked to give the Christmas lesson to the women's auxiliary meeting. I shared Christmas Joy, Love, and the Gift of Christmas (#ShareTheGift). I feel blessed that I was given that opportunity to share Christmas with others.

I believe in the goodness of people. I believe as we care for one another, pray together and for each other, goodness happens.

I believe Dale's health miserableness is a residual of chemotherapy, winter depression, and unknown weakened medical conditions lingering within his organs. I believe his miserableness continues because there are lessons to learn, people to care about, gifts to give, and gifts to receive. I choose to receive those gifts with joy and love, as I have felt in the past several days.

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