Really good progress.

The unofficial report we got today from Dr. Beaven, after completing my testing, was that I am making really good progress. The bone marrow biopsy report won't be available until probably Monday, and the "official" PET scan report has not yet been received, but based on what she had received thus far she said things looked really good.  Since there is still definitive evidence of the cancer on the PET scan, I will probably continue with 2 more cycles of chemotherapy before proceeding to bone marrow transplant.  We will find out for sure next Tuesday.  That means that my last chemo treatment will probably be sometime in the middle of December and what a Christmas present that will be.  I suppose if I was having a bad time with the chemo, and dreading every time I had to get a treatment, the news that I will have 2 more cycles (12 treatments) would not be greeted as welcome news.  But since I am having almost no side effects thus far from the chemo drugs, I did not mind hearing about the additional treatments.  If that will get rid of the remaining cancer cells, lets get on with it.

All the way home, Holly and I kept saying "Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord."  He is good and has answered our prayers by showing us that the cancer is responding.  To the many prayer warriors out there who have been lifting up both Holly and me, we say thank you.  We so appreciate your faithfulness and ask that you continue to keep us on your prayer lists.  We have made really good progress but we still have a lot of ground to cover before this is over.  But we are standing by our family motto "We're going to beat this".

Based on the good news we received the day could not have gone much better.  But shortly after we arrived at Duke we found there was a scheduling problem and we wound up with some extra time on our hands.  So since it was an absolutely gorgeous day, we took a walk through the Doris Duke Gardens, adjacent to the cancer center.  What a beautiful place and what a lovely start to a marvelous day.

Praise the Lord!!

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