Random thoughts

Cancer sucks !!!!!!!!!

Thank God for the many dedicated medical professionals, who have committed their lives to helping cancer patients fight back against the disease that seeks to destroy them.

Prayer works.

Cancer helps you get your priorities straightened out.

No two battles with cancer are quite the same.  Each individual travels a unique path, and deals with their situation based on their own characteristics, gifts and attitude.

I have felt the touch of God Almighty.

Cancer sucks !!!!!!!!!

Chemotherapy is simultaneously both good and bad.

I sincerely believe that one day cancer will be viewed in much the same way that we currently view polio or malaria.

Have you told someone lately that you love them?

My wife is amazing!

Caregivers are over worked and under appreciated.

Cancer sucks !!!!!!!!!!

Pain is temporary.  Quiting is forever.  You simply cannot stop fighting.

Cancer research is so critically important.  And I feel that I contributed in some small way by participating in a clinical trial.

There is no guarantee that any of us will see the light of tomorrow.

Robin Roberts, Good Morning America co-anchor, after her recent bone marrow transplant, said "..... really terrible, hard, yucky days I never want to relive or think about again."  I say amen.

Attitude is critical.

Never in a million years would I wish cancer on anyone.  But I am a stronger and better person because of it.

Cancer sucks !!!!!!!!

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