Quick Platelet Update

2/2/16 – I was back in the cancer center on Friday, January 29 and Monday, February. On Friday my platelets were at 39. Although they did go down it was a positive sign that they didn’t drop to single digits as in the past. Based on this I only received IVIG and the NPlate shot… I didn’t need platelet infusions. On Monday, February 1st my platelets were at 67. Now this was awesome to hear. My platelets seem to be going up. I’m not sure what the cause for these good results is. It has to be either the Rituxan or the NPlate. There is still some work to do with my ITP/platelet issues but all signs are looking pretty positive. I did have my 3rd Rituxan treatment yesterday. I’ll receive the 4th (and final) Rituxan treatment next week.
I will be back at cancer center on February 5th for another NPlate shot and a PET scan.
A joyful heart is good medicineProverbs 17:22

More to come…


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