Quick Health Update - Back in the hospital

8/26/15 – As a follow-up to my hospital stay last week… I had an appointment at the Cancer Center on Monday, August 24th. I am sure it wouldn't surprise you that I would encounter a challenge or two. With this visit my heart rate ran a low 30. At one point I actually had an episode where I passed out in the hospital bathroom. I had a team of doctors work on me, perform CPR, pound on my chest and get me back to consciousness. It would seem that it was most likely due to a too high dosage of the steroids I am on called prednisone that is for managing GVHD. It does appear that everything is starting to stabilize. I am hoping that I will be discharged over the next few days.
Lord my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.Psalm 30:2
More to come…


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