Pretty good.

Last week was what I have come to refer to as my "heavy week".  Three consecutive days of chemotherapy could probably be called a lot of things, but when I finish the week I just feel beat.  In addition to the chemo, I take very large doses of Prednisone for 4 straight days.  I think it is the Prednisone, but something that I get during that period keeps me from getting much more than about 3 or 4 hours of sleep at night.  That will get your tail dragging in no time.  We have also found that towards the end of that week, my voice gets very weak and strained.  The doctor says it is just one of the ways my body expresses fatigue.  Add in some long drives, and the week just doesn't rank up there very high in my idea of what is ideal.

As I have said many times before, I am so blessed to be experiencing only a few side effects, and those are quite mild.  I know that there are many, many people out there who go through great pain and suffering while receiving chemo, and it remains with them for days if not weeks.  I saw a lady last week in a wheelchair, being pushed into the waiting area for the treatment center.  She was all hunched over a dish pan sitting in her lap, and I'm sure it was not there to hold dishes.  I am so fortunate.

The weekend and the first few days of this week have been just heavenly.  Aside from going to church on Sunday, there was no place we had to go to.  No appointments, no doctors' visits, no chemo treatments this week, so all we had to do was stay home and rest.  And we have been getting a lot of practice at our resting.  It is Tuesday evening now and I think I am getting pretty close back to "normal".  The voice is still a little weak and I'm not ready to start painting the house, but I am feeling pretty good.  Feeling pretty good is nice, when you haven't been there for a while.  Praise the Lord, for feeling good!

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