Pondering the blessings

Dale made it through 4 days of work without much harm. His worst is at night with a cough keeping both of us awake. He sleeps part of the night but coughs the rest. Lack of good rest contributes to his overall fatigue.

Dale reports that people are happy to see him and even a bit surprised at how "good" he looks...if they only knew how bad he looked (and felt) for several months...he'd look even better. But what does one say when someone comes back after a long time away with a traumatic time separator? "You look good!" works very well.

Friends continue to inquire about his wellness and progress and I tell them happy news: successful bone marrow transplant, clearing mind, completion of treatment, remission, back to work, and so on. One friend asked me the question and was grateful for the progress and forward thinking. His wife has alzheimer's. Where is the remission in alzheimer's? That is a tough one. We feel blessed we have the remission stage now. However long it is, we are grateful to have it.

Another friend told me reading the blog has "changed her life." I am glad our experiences in this journey has brought thoughts, pondering, and blessings to others who happen to read it. I am convinced that journalling brings individual values to the writer, but to the readers also. Thank you to all that read and join us in life changing ponderings.

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