Pneumonia coughs

I was right. Dale was sent home from hospital yesterday with prescriptions of antibiotics and orders to rest. His persistent cough is annoying for both of us. He coughs & spits frequently. His blood pressure and temperature increases during the coughing spells. That can't be good on his total well-being. He complained of chilling, but was in the basement where it is colder, so I gave him another blanket layer, which seemed to help. His energy level is low, balance is off, and he is faintish.

Appetite is minimal and if he does eat, nausea sets in and he feels he will vomit. A pan for spit and vomit surround him. Liter bottles of fluids are within reach. Washable towels lay besides him and the TV remote is in his hand. Should be fine for the day.

It is lousy being sick.

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