Plenty of days ahead.

One week before Halloween, Dale had a cold. He stayed home, rested, and coughed. This has lasted for about three weeks now. He is up most of the night coughing, is tired all day, and finds his depressions setting in again. Dale began to number his days. He is able to go on small errands to get out a bit, but not much. He begins the day with a glimmer of hope, yet as the day progresses, he has felt weaker.

Yesterday, he finally took himself to the ER. Pneumonia? No. Cancer? No. Anemia? No. Bronchitis? No. Whooping cough? Maybe. Doctor ordered tests for it and when they came to his room, the technicians turned around and said, "Sorry, wrong room," then went out the door only to come back. "Oh, it is usually children we do for whooping cough!" True, however, Dale's immune system is not even two years old yet.

I don't know test results yet for whooping cough, but I suspect, no also. It just takes Dale forever to heal from any ailments now a days. He forgets that he is only 22 months old.

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