Nothing looked good

Dale did not progress well enough, in my mind, through the day Monday, so off to the ER we went. Insta-care places will not service him because of his cancer history. We had visited the ER one week ago for another acute health condition and the ER physician recognized us and Dale's health history, which says much about the doctor and the ER. 
Eight hours later, they sent us home with an oxygen tank and eye drops. Not pneumonia, yet. Go to your primary care for follow-up. That is what we are doing today. 
I am emotionally exhausted, and physically beat. I worked yesterday on 2 hours of sleep with no down time, (if I stopped, I probably would not be able to get going again) picked up a prescription for Dale, and wondered around the store for 15 minutes trying to find something for dinner. My mind was not able to function and make a plan. All I knew, dinner would have to require minimal effort in preparation. Nothing looked good. I found a prepared dinner that seemed reasonable and headed safely home. 
Bedtime for me was 5:00 PM. But I had to stay up another 1 1/2 hours, because the dinner needed that long to cook.  

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