My First Week Taking Ibrutinib

3/25/13 – Today marks one full week that I have been taking Ibrutinib. I can say without any hesitation that I have experienced no side effects. I feel great, have plenty of energy, my appetite is great (maybe too good), and there are no changes to my appearance (like loss of hair).  I am extremely encouraged by all of this and I am looking forward to hear about how effective this new drug is with eliminating my mantle cell lymphoma. I am thinking it will be a good month, or so, before I get an update on this.

I have been doing great with my new regiment. I take my 4 pills at 5:30 AM and then exercise for a half hour before breakfast.

On March 27th I have my consultation on my bone marrow transplant. I am looking forward to learn more about this.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him, to enable them to fulfill the purpose for which they are called. Romans 8:28

More to come…

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