My ebook

I have heard from many people that my blog has been very informative and inspirational.  In fact, several have said that I have a gift for writing, and that I should write a book.  So over the last few weeks I have done some reading about how to write an ebook, and the result is that I have just published my first Kindle ebook on  I took the posts from my blog and turned them into an electronic publication that can be accessed by anyone who has a Kindle ereader, or any other device (ipad, iphone, etc) that has a Kindle app.

My book is titled My Cancer, My Faith and can be accessed here or from the link on the right side of this page.

By their nature, blogs can be difficult to read if you want to start at the beginning and read through numerous posts clear to the end.  In ebook form, this is much easier and is just like reading a hardback book.  Just the other day, someone mentioned that they had recently found out that two friends had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  While those friends could be given the link to my blog, which is free, to read about my experience, this ebook is yet another option ( $4.99).

So to those that said I should become an author and write a book, thanks for the idea.

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