My Adventure has hit the 2 year mark… and I am stronger and healthier than ever

7/12/10 – Has it been 4 months already. Boy does times fly. I had my scan today. I will see Dr. Goy in a couple of days for my results.

7/14/10 – I am VERY HAPPY to say that all is well. I can not thank God enough for my good health. I met with Dr. Goy. He was his normal great self. I think he takes great pride on how well I am doing. My next scan will be in 4 months on November 15th. I will get my results on November 18th.

In a few days it will mark the 2 year “anniversary” of me being diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. It was July 17th, 2008 that I received the news of my condition. It seems so long ago. My family and I will celebrate this day with a trip into New York City to see the Broadway play Wicked. Last year on this day we also celebrated this day by going to a Broadway play (Billy Elliot). I think it is real important to take a bad day in our life and make it into a something positive, special and fun. Life is way too short to spend time thinking about down times. Besides, I am very blessed. I have great doctors, a fantastic family whom I love very much and a GREAT GOD who loves me so much that he surrounds me with his love and all these wonderful people in my life.

My next posting will be in November after I get my scan results.

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