More to me

Kidney stones have shown their painful face once again. I came home from a stressful intensive day of work, run Dale errands, fix dinner, and spend the night in the ER with Dale. That answers his complaints for the past few days. They treated him as kindly as a frequent flyer and I just sit there, waiting. He eventually passed the stone and I was sent out to get prescriptions before the late pharmacy closed.  That pharmacy does not take our insurance. I was somewhat kind to the pharmacist, but could have been gentler. By the time I got back to the ER, the pain medication was absorbed and they could release him. Home. He slept. I slept-but now up ready for another day.

On the good side of the day...I was visited by a friend with a celebratory cake just for me. My academic accomplishments recognized and celebrated. Thank you. I thank you, graciously, because there is more of/to me than that caretaker role.

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