More Good News

2/5/16 – I was back in Hackensack today to check my platelets (and other blood counts), get an NPlate shot and then have a PET Scan. The day started with the me receiving news that my platelets were 59. This was good news. Although this is still low it does seem that they are holding their own.
Next I headed to another building on the Hackensack University Medical campus for my PET scan. While I was waiting for my scan the cancer center called. They said that they would like me to return there after my scan so they could infuse some fluids. Apparently my kidney function was low as a result of a high creatinine. Once my PET was complete I headed back to the cancer center. While the fluids were infusing into me one of the nurses noticed that the results of my PET scan came in. Soon after this the results were delivered to us from our favorite Nurse Practitioner. On the report from Radiology was drawn a picture of a smiley face with the words “Looks Great!” Yes, the scan was all clear and I am still in remission.
So things continue to look up.
Sure I have to complete my treatments for ITP. I’ll be back for my 4th and final treatment of rituxan on Tuesday, February 9th. Hopefully this will do the trick and bring an end to this ITP saga. I will need to continue to get NPlate shots for a while until my platelets are able to maintain themselves at a normal level.
All and all this was a great day.
O give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; For His loving kindness is everlasting.1 Chronicles 16:34

More to come…

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