Mantle cell lymphoma remission continues

We are continued to be blessed by many around us. Last night a group of youth assisted with window washing and weeding. Although we have not been with this group for over a year, several consistently stop by. We appreciate the friendships. The days bring more health to Dale. He completes many projects he sets for himself and able to get ready for the next. He rests frequently, although, seems to recover more quickly.

Doctor visit today went well enough that he does not need to go in again until September. She is letting him go to a dentist, go back to work, and be as active as he thinks he can handle. He needs to be wise in infectious potential situations so he will don his surgical mask occasionally. Work begins on Monday. I do not know his plans on how much of a day he will be able to handle, however, I do know he will need resting periods and planned eating times. Dale's mind is clear and productive--the "chemo-brain" subsides.  The next stage of the mantle cell lymphoma journey is about to begin.

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