Just moments to connect

Sarcoidosis. That is what it is. Especially all over his lungs. Another doctor will look at him in two weeks. Symptoms continue to overwhelm his well being. Shortness of breath, fatigue, depression/hopelessness, and pain.

And it does not help when he is told he will have little visitors and they don't show up. Excuses seemed weak and he feels neglected. He was excited and looked forward to a lively visit. He had plans to entertain and enjoy their time together.  He waited patiently all day until, finally, was told they would not come. Maybe another day. Makes me sad. He works very hard to keep those connections strong. Seems to be non-reciprocal. Dale thrives on visits, socializations, and people connections. I can't imagine what he must feel as he is alone daily as I go off to work and he can't do much of anything.

Makes me realize that people, everywhere, need connections. The elderly, the feeble, the lonely, the alone. Take time to be with others, even if it interferes with your day. People you know are worth it. You are worth the connection.

I need to work on this myself.

Personal visits are the best, but phone calls or handwritten letters/notes are also nice. It takes but a moment to connect. But especially, show up when you say you are going to show up.

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