ITP Update

1/19/16 – Last week we continued to treat my ITP and it seemed like we were making good progress. After a platelet infusion and a couple of IVIG’s had my platelet count was at 26. At today’s checkup my platelets were at 9. The feeling is that the current course of treatment I am on is not working. Today I started with a new course that included stopping 3 of my medications (Penicillin V potassium, Bactrim and Livalo). In addition I received IV steroids, 2 bags of platelets and Rituxan. After the first bag of platelets my counts went to up 15… but believe it or not after the second bag my platelet count fell down to 12. It would seem that my immune system and platelets are in a bit of a tug of war. I will continue with this course of treatments for the next 3 weeks where I will get 3 more doses of Rituxan. If things do not improve the next course of action will be to remove my spleen (aka splenectomy). With low platelets, which translates into an inability for my blood to clot, I do have concerns with have a surgical procedure. Saying this I do fully trust my doctors and medical staff. I am very sure that all the proper precautions will be in place if we do go down this road.
The million dollar question is why I developed ITP. In truth, it can be from a number of things: medications, years of chemo therapy, an infection, blood infusions, etc… I guess it falls under the “it is what it is” category and we just need to take care of it in any way we can.
I will be back at the cancer center either tomorrow or the following day to get more platelets.
For the next period of time I will need to be cautious and avoid any activities that can cause me to bleed or hemorrhage. This can be the hardest thing for me being I do have extreme difficulty sitting still. Thank God for my wife Sue who watches me like a hawk and will make sure I stay in my bubble until it is safe for me. I am very blessed to have great people in my life.
Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve my life; you stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and your right hand delivers me.Psalm 138:7 
More to come…

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