Infections and bone marrow transplant patients don't go well together

Dale went to his quarterly checkup at Huntsman today. Good news is that the blood work is okay and remission continues. Bad news is the infection he has is a great concern. They took more blood cultures for University labs to analyze. It takes the cultures 2-5 days before definitive results begin to show up. In the meantime, Dale will continue with the anti-biotics since the infection is a vicious one and will take over Dale's fragile system and he will not survive. Doctor was quite concerned and is consulting with infectious disease specialists for his treatment. The infection has scattered throughout his body, explaining his overall aches and pains, but at this point, does not have an origin. The medication is assisting Dale's system to fight it, because without the daily dose of the anti-biotic, Dale's body will not be able to survive. His immunity system is compromised and vulnerable to infections like whatever it is he has.

Fortunately, it is in control for now. I trust their treatment plan will come quickly and Dale will be fine.

Sometimes we forget how frail he is and want to forget the many hours of treatment.

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