Infant-like immune system

Someone at Dale's work contacted whooping cough. Highly contagious and he should stay away from it.  He felt horrible enough that we took a trip to ER last night. The doctor listened to symptoms and the history and had many tests done including those for meningitis, pneumonia, and whooping cough. As I waited and waited in the ER, I looked up symptoms, causes, and treatment of each (sans pneumonia). Meningitis and whooping cough are problems for infants whose immune system is young and not immunized. Hmmm. Dale is less than a year old--bone marrow-wise. In fact, day 238 since the bone marrow transplant.  Yes, he has symptoms of both, however, it turned out that he at least has a sinus infection and anti-biotics will do the trick. He feels better today already. Hallelujah!

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