I finally had my 2nd DLI today

11/12/15 – After a few delays, I finally had my DLI today. The plan is to wait 4 weeks to have a follow up appointment being it typically takes 4-5 weeks to see any impacts of the DLI. My next appointment is scheduled for December 10th. If at that point there are no signs of GVHD, then another DLI will be scheduled. If there are signs of GVHD, then the GVHD will be treated. Once GVHD has successfully been treated then another DLI will be scheduled. This pretty much an ongoing process that will be followed until my immune system and my body come to terms with each other. It will probably take a long while before I get there. In the meantime, the hope is that my agitated immune system will be able to fight out any new MCL that comes its way. I sure know this is confusing stuff. Dr. Rowley does the best he can to explain everything to my wife and I. At the end of the day I have totally trust in him and his team.
Along with our busy DLI Day, today we handed in all our paper work to the oncology team to appeal denials from my insurance company (Aetna) and the drug company (Bristol-Myers Squibb) for a PD-1 drug called Opdivo (nivolumab). Our hope is that I finally get approved and that we add it to our arsenal of treatment options. We have certainly heard great things about this drug. 
“For God shows no partiality.”Romans 2:11
More to come…


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