Here we go again.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have an appointment with Dr. Beaven and will get the "official" results of my testing last Thursday.  At this point we don't have any feed back on the bone marrow biopsy but the preliminary report on the PET scan was favorable, so overall things look encouraging and hearing anything negative will be a great surprise.

Based on what we have heard so far, I expect to leave her office and go down to the treatment center to begin Cycle 3.  That means Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be treatment days and I will get to bring home about 2 more quarts of chemo drugs, all sloshing around together in my bloodstream.  The beginning of Cycle 2, seven weeks ago, was harder on me than usual and I am a bit apprehensive about how I will react this time.  I may have been a little more run down when I started Cycle 2, and that could have contributed to my feeling it more.  But Holly has said recently that I seem to be as good as she has seen me in a while so maybe this time will be better.  Regardless, I don't really have anything to complain about.  My overall reaction to my treatments has been far better than what most people experience.  Just hair loss and some fatigue, and when you compare that to how bad things could be, I am a very blessed man.  But like someone said the other day, no one likes to feel poorly, even if it is just a little poorly, so I am entitled to some apprehension and maybe even a little complaining.  So far my spirits are very good, and I guess I can handle a little worry without going all to pieces.  The first 2 cycles (14 weeks) have gone well and the results have been encouraging, so 2 more cycles shouldn't be too much to handle in the overall scheme of things.  The ultimate goal is to be cancer free, and if the journey to achieve that goal includes a few bumps and bruises, so be it.  Praise the Lord, we're going to beat this.

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