Happy 3 Year Anniversary

7/17/11 – Today marks my 3 year anniversary of being diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  If you were to see me today, other that the small scar where my port used to be, there is no evidence that I was ever sick.  I continue to be in full remission and I feel great and I am back to living a very full life. Although there is not are cure for MCL that I know of, I fully expect to remain in remission for the very long time and hopefully the rest of my life.

With today being a Sunday, I was able to spend my morning in Church, playing my guitar as a music minister. It was certainly a joy to have my wife and two daughters in the congregation. In speaking with my good friend and fellow music minister today, he said it seems like it should be much longer than 3 years. There is no doubt that much has happened in my life since July 17th, 2008. And it does truly feel like it was a lifetime ago. If you are reading this blog as someone recently diagnosed with MCL, you should gain great relief in hearing that you can and will beat this. For one thing, medical science has come a long way.  Another thing is that by you keeping a positive attitude, no matter what little setbacks you may (or may not) run into, you will be greatly helping your doctors, caregivers and caretakers succeed in making you better. The day will come that you too will be marking the anniversary of your diagnoses with joy in your heart.

And know that God says: “I am always with you… Be not afraid.”May the peace of Christ be with you always.

I plan to post my next update after I get the results from my next scans which are scheduled for December 12th with me getting the results on December 16th. Of course if I have any news to report I will enter an update sooner.

More to come…

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