Graduation Day

3/8/10 – It sure seems like 3 months comes and goes very quickly. Didn’t I just do this? Well, I had my CT scans today. I am meeting with Dr. Goy on Friday March 12th to get my results.

3/12/10 – I met with Dr Feldman and Dr. Goy today. My scans are all clear. YES!!!!!!!!!!! If this news isn’t good enough I was told that I have graduated from needing to be scanned every 3 months to every 4 months. God is Good, God is Great!!!!

My next scan is scheduled for July 12th and my follow-up appointment with Dr. Goy is on July 14th.

Here are a couple of beautiful songs that can be a great source of comfort for anyone dealing with life’s challenges.

Carried Me

You Were On the Cross

A Happy Easter to all.

My next posting will be in July after I get my scan results.

More to come… Peace

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