Goodbye for Now 6/29/82 - 9/21/13

By my side along with friends and family, Karin passed out of this world today, peacefully and calmly.

It's been a most difficult week. The cancer metastasized to her liver and toxins quickly built up. But not before many many more wonderful moments together. Karin maintained her poise, warmth, and beauty throughout her entire life, and her written words are a legacy that will keep her memory alive and well as well. Her writing has helped us all in different ways and will continue to benefit all who take the time to read, listen, and think.

Karin was able to maintain such an incredible outlook because of the people around her, especially those in her blog community who shared so much of their own lives with her. From the bottom of my heart, than you for your support and love that you've shown to both of us.

The energy that she has left behind for all of us is palpable. We must promise never to lose sight of the valuable lessons we learned from her. Embrace one another, share, learn, stretch yourself, embrace your passion, listen, love, and keep your eyes peeled.

I will love you forever, Karin Diamond. Goodbye for now.


Memorial Service details will follow. 

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