Four conditions

We traveled north to the Tetons. It was a good thing for us to do. First vacation with no agenda attached for many years. The travel was quiet and calm with minimal traffic. The ride together was good. Both of us had several moments of leaving-the-rest-of-the-world-behind and enjoyed each others company, the wonderful mountains, and the the fresh Spring surroundings.

Teton Mountains

I write this blog entry today to update health conditions. Dale reports fatigue, weakness, and overall not feeling well. The trip verified his inability to travel. We carefully planned eating around bathroom access and took frequent breaks. I enjoyed the beauty, he enjoyed the time to rest. I brought a book to read, but to my surprise, he wanted to play cards (something he normally detests!) We spent uneventful, quiet, relaxing time playing cards in the cabin with the rain pounding around us for a few hours. Nice!

Dale's diabetes seems to be causing discomfort. His digestive system is sensitive and even though they have tested and looked for causes of the constant diarrhea, they say nothing is wrong. He is working with physicians to determine healthcare plan for his back and neck pain. Pain shots seem to help but can't be injected as often as needed.

Four conditions: Fatigue, diabetes, digestive system, back/neck pain. But no cancer that we know of. However...he feels miserable most of the time.  His main exercise is the domestic chores around the house, which I soooo appreciate. Dale has become a creative culinary artisan. He needs frequent rests and paces his chores. He does more than he should health-wise, but emotionally-wise what he can do.

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