Flowers for life ahead

It is good to see Dale progressing each day for the better. He feels healthier each day, diarrhea in check (still some issues, but better), energy increasing, and his mind is clearing. Returning to work in a few weeks brings on the next chapter of unknowns. I think he will be fine as he adjusts to his work mode again. He will need time to update his mind, stamina, and schedule but I believe work for him has been understanding and will appreciate his needs.  He is a good guy to have around and they will enjoy him one more year.

We made it through this chapter in the journey of mantle cell lymphoma. With the endless prayers, continuous acts of service, supportive friends, and progress in science we held together through it all. Although many sleepless nights and days of minimal existence prevailed for both of us, Spring brings hope, new buds, and flowers for life ahead.

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