First Chemo Treatment...

I am going to try and just be quick with this entry since I literally just got home from receiving my first chemo treatment today. I had no idea what to expect, but receiving the actual chemo drugs was not that bad of an experience overall. There is a room filled with other people who are there for their treatments as well. I had my mom and dad with me, and we walked to a little area which had a recliner chair for me to rest was pretty comfy, I was offered a heated blanket and something to drink while my nurse (who was extremely nice!) prepped me by first giving me some Zofran and Decadron to help with nausea/vomiting. I was then given 2 Tylenol to take before they administered the chemo, since the Bleomycin can often cause a fever. I am so thankful that I have the port, it seemed to make things so much easier. The nurse punctured the outside of my skin with a needle (at my upper chest area) where the port was placed, that allowed her to administer the chemo drugs to me very easily and mostly pain free...I am just tender and sore from just having the port put in yesterday. The total process took over 3 hours, but time seemed to go by fast. I was first given the Adriamycin, this is the drug that can cause the hair loss and also causes the color of your urine to change to a pinkish color (this is just temporary). Then was the Bleomycin, after was the Vinblastine, and finally the one that took the longest to administer, the DTIC. 

I have not really felt any side effects yet, just feeling pretty sleepy and like I need to lay down. I was told that if nausea is going to happen, it would be later tonight or I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get to skip that part of it! :) I will be sure to update in a few days and will be able to really tell what kind of side effects I experience....which are hopefully very few! :) 

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