First Check-Up Since Remission

I'm a little late updating this because it is a busy time of year, but I just wanted to post that I went for my first quarterly check-up and blood work on November 29th, and I am still healthy as a horse, i.e., still cancer-free! I will be going for a repeat CT scan before my next check-up in late Winter, but other than that, my visits to the oncologist will continue to be clinical observation based.

As far as life goes, I have been teaching (on call) several times each week, in various grades K-7, as well as a few music classes. I'm still working at my daycare job, and have DJ'd for a couple events in the last month. After a month living together, Kaitlin and I are loving our new place, which I might add, is currently decked out for Christmas. One of the things I appreciate most about our suite is that we have a spectacular view of Southern Vancouver Island, the Pacific Ocean, Olympic Peninsula, and various Westshore mountains. This photo was taken from our backyard, looking West:

One last thing: Thank-you to everyone who donated to the Movember cause this year. I exceeded my goal of $1000, and ended up getting the cool incentive prize of a pocket knife and certificate.

My next post will most likely not be until after my check-up on April 3rd, so until then, thanks again for reading. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed, peaceful Christmas... and get all the presents you asked for!

All the best,

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