Fever & chills

Dale came home early from work on Monday due to his vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.  He took Frontrunner and then TRAX where I could meet him to take him home. He attempted to work Tuesday but was very weak and tired and could not get his "engine running". Vomiting and diarrhea continued with beleaguered breathing and nasal problems. Dale attempted to do some work from home both on Tuesday and Wednesday. He is quite discouraged aa he feels he has let his work team down. 

Wednesday, Dale's condition worsened as the day continued with a fever (102) and light-headedness. Time to visit the ER. After many tests and blood works (and hours!), the ER reported that he probably has a virus and needs to be very careful due to his fragile state of health. He is released from ER however is not to go to work and needs rest through the weekend protecting him from exasperated complications. 
During the night, Dale woke up with extreme chills, although he had a heated blanket and plenty of bedding to keep warm. This concerns me as I am much too familiar with such symptoms and where they took us just about 2 years ago at cancer diagnosis. After reading the ER release notes, it explained chilling and fevers; fever is trying to increase when chills set in. Fever is trying to cool down when sweats are prevalent. I think the body is just confused, hurting, and sick. Regardless, a fever is a symptom of something going (gone) wrong. 
It takes Dale a long time to recover from any illness he picks up. My editorial on this week's health conditions: When Dale picks up some virus (flu, allergies, cold, etc.) that the rest of us get over in 1 or 2 days, Dale's compromised system exasperates the symptoms and he becomes quite ill. His body is doing the best it can to heal, however, it is still pretty fragile.
Cancer quarterly checkup next week. 

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