Feelin' Good and Everything is Fine

My mom reminded me yesterday that I haven't updated my blog in awhile, and that I should post updates when I'm feeling good sometimes too. The title comes from this song:

Nothing really extraordinary has happened since my last post, except that I have been slowly starting to feel a lot healthier. Oh wait... I guess that is pretty exciting. Truth be told, I have not had many naps since Monday. I also managed to pull off two 30 minute workouts this week and I went into work for a couple afternoon shifts. In fact, I completely forgot about this blog because life has started to feel so normal again. It's so good to know that the chemotherapy is actually doing something!

It should be a good weekend, because two of my best friends from high school are coming from the mainland to visit me today, and I am having my belated birthday party tomorrow. 

I noticed something interesting yesterday -- my hair has stopped growing. I usually buzz my head and my facial hair with my electric razor, and shave my neck (with a hunting knife and a bar of soap) every couple days, but after 72 hours my whiskers have yet to sprout. I guess that means I'm going to start shedding pretty soon here. Mom says when I do, I should take a picture. I'm not sure if she means I should take a picture of my smooth naked body, or if she means I should snap a shot of the pile of hair on the floor, but in either case, stay tuned for something happening in fairly short order.

In a week from now I will be receiving my second round of chemotherapy, which means I will be feeling like shit again for awhile. Luckily my UVic B.Ed Convocation is three days prior, so I will be able to walk across the stage after all. Perhaps my hair will be falling out and blowing in the wind behind me?

Alright. That is my update. Sorry it is so short, but I want to go enjoy life for the next week. Take that, cancer!


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