Don’t Worry, Be Happy

2/23/11 – I had my CT and PET scans today

2/28/11 – I met with Dr. Goy to get the results of my scans today. He never ceases to amaze me on how upbeat and positive a man he is. I always feel great after meeting with him. My results showed that the enlarged lymph node of 1 centimeter in size is still there and it is actually a little hotter (hot meaning showing high cell activity) than it was in December. Dr. Goy feels that being the lymph node has not increased in size since November there little to no chance that it is a recurrence of my Mantle Cell Lymphoma. It is far too aggressive a cancer to have not increased in size since November. I look at this as great news.

I guess all in all this was worrying about nothing. As a cancer survivor it is so important for me not to let worries bring me down or stress me out. Each day we have is far too valuable and important to waste it worrying about things that may be. My focus needs to be on what is definite and true. I have a great wife and daughters, great family and friends. I have so much to be thankful for.
In 16 days (March 17th) I will turn 50 Years old. WOW, when I was a young kid I viewed 50 as very, very old. Now I see hitting 50 as a HUGE accomplishment.  ====================================Below is a short prayer that picked up from a retreat a attended this past weekend and I wanted to share with you.
Lord please fill my heart and my soul with your Holy Spirit, please fill them with Your love, compassion and mercy so evil, doubt and despair can not enter.
Please open my heart to Your forgiveness and to leaving yesterday behind; please help me to live for today and Your promise of tomorrow.
Please provide me with Your strength, Your courage, Your wisdom and Your patience to follow Your path that lies ahead.
Please provide me with Your Guidance in my actions and words to do Thy will.
I place everything I have, everything I am and everything I am to become, my hopes and my dreams, my joy and my happiness, my trials and my tribulations, my entire being Lord, I place them all in Your hands.
Please help me to surrender myself completely and totally to You Lord, my heart my soul, my body and my mind.
Please take me in Your arms so that I may know true happiness.

My next update will be after I get the results from my next scans which are scheduled for June 13th with me getting the results on June 21st.
More to come...

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