Did you just call me old?

5/19/13 – I must say, these 21 day cycles just fly by. Tomorrow is the last day of my 3rd cycle. That will mark 63 days that I have been on Ibrutinib. Over this next week I will get the opportunity to see how I am responding to the Ibrutinib treatments. Tomorrow, May 20th, I get first set of scans since I started treatments. On Tuesday, May 21stI have an appointment with Dr. Goy where I will get my scan results and I will begin cycle 4.

As far as news on the transplant, there is no news. My brothers and I are still waiting to hear back on if we are matches.
With these last few weeks I have noticed some things that may be symptoms. For one thing it seems that my stomach can get upset with even the blandest of foods. Whether it is diarrhea or nausea, I experience discomfort almost every day. Another thing that is happening more often is I am getting cramps in my legs, feet and hands. I have been getting fairly severe “Charlie horses” in the calves of each leg. A few have been so bad that my poor wife had to peel me off the ceiling. The last symptom like item I will point out is being tired. If I sit still for any period of time I will definitely fall asleep. I haven’t been able to make it through an entire TV show in weeks. Sometimes perspective comes from the most surprising places. I had an eye appointment this week being I have had some trouble reading up close. I have been a customer of my optometrist for about 25 years and we have become good friends over the years. He had an interesting point of view on what I am going through. He said: “so… you are having trouble seeing up close, your stomach gets upset easy from eating, you get cramps in your legs and you fall asleep in front of the TV. Hmmmm…. I think it is just that you are getting older and you are experiencing the same stuff that other people who are your age go through.”  I wonder…  he is probably correct. WOW having MCL is one thing but now I feel OLD.
Here is a link to an all-time great song about getting old by my all- time favorite performer. Mr. Neil Young singing “Old Man” Enjoy! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=221mohEolWc
Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous lifeProverbs 16:31
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