Day 8.

We are approaching the end of Day 8 and my various counts have all pretty much reached zero.  Typically, transplant patients hit bottom about Day 7 to Day 10 and I am proving to be very typical.  After hitting bottom, the body slowly but steadily begins to rebuild what was previously destroyed during the high dose chemotherapy.  But in the interim I have no immune system, which makes me highly susceptible to any germ or infection that might come my way.  My gas tank gauge is below empty and I have barely enough energy to get from bed to the breakfast table.  My bodily reserves have been depleted.  Over the last 3 days I have received, three platelet infusions, two blood transfusions, two infusions each of potassium and magnesium, plus few others that promptly slipped my mind.  We spent four hours Tuesday night in the hospital getting infused with various antibiotics to counteract a temperature that I developed (which is quite common).  And then there are the mouth sores that have formed in my mouth, esophagus and stomach, which makes eating a bit more difficult.

Other than that I feel just fine.

Seriously, I would say this has been one of the least pleasant weeks of my entire life.  But I seem to be sleeping well and food continues to taste "good", both of which are critical in the rebuilding process.  Do I feel good - No!  Do I feeling like I am going to die - No!  Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers.  More later.

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